About Us

Our Story

Beside Vietnam’s flourishing Red River, in an area abundant with clay, lies famed Bát Tràng village. Here, local artisans are renowned for their exquisite pottery which is created using a blend of traditional and modern techniques. Now, you too can enjoy one of the many original and thoughtfully produced ceramic pieces created in one of Vietnam’s best-kept secrets.

Our History

Bát Tràng’s distinctive ceramic goods have a long and storied history not only in Asia but also within Western Europe. These ceramic items were a vital source of trade in the region, passed along by boats sailing the Red River. Today, visitors to Bát Tràng can tour a seemingly endless array of stores specialising in vases, jars, tea sets and more. Creative types can even attempt a piece of their own in one of the many workshops on offer in the village.

Our Mission

Our friendly team is based on the ground in Vietnam, with sales partners based internationally, and are delighted to connect customers from all around the world with these lovely ceramic goods.